by Don Van Palta, "The Flying Dutchman"
inducted in the Oklahoma City, OK "Banjo Hall of Fame" as performer and teacher.
Dear Banjo Enthusiast,

You are going to be excited when you find out all about my unique DVD banjo lessons
and the free banjo music CD that will be yours as a bonus.  Back in 1971, when I was the
banjoist with the well known Mickie Finn Show in San Diego I developed a system for
teaching the plectrum banjo with a combination of cassettes and books.  Later I switched
to videos and then to DVDs.   (The plectrum banjo is tuned CGBD.  With this tuning it is
easier to play chord, melody solos, in contrast with the tenor banjo which is tuned
CGDA.  This tuning makes it easier to play single string solos)  This system was the result
of teaching many years of private lessons.    

Over the years this system has been so successful that over a 1000 students have used it
and consequently I get letters and e-mails from students all over the world telling me how
much they enjoy it, and how much they have benefited from it.  You can read some of
their remarks by clicking the "Comments" button.  If you're a beginner, check out
Program #1.  If you've been playing a while but would like to get a better understanding
of chords, check out Program #2.  If you're interested in improving your right hand
technique, than Program #3 is what you're looking for.  Check out the Solo Books to add
to your repertoire or the Arrangements to beef them up. You can now even get the Solo
Books in the PDF format for use on your iPads or "Android" tablets where it is necessary
to have the PDF format.   If you go to and enter: banjodon1 you will see and
hear me play a large selection of banjo solos.   

You're probably wondering what all this is going to cost.  Get ready for a pleasant
surprise.  If you were to take private lessons from a banjo teacher, that is, if you could
find one, it would take approximately 90 half hour lessons to cover all the material in
these three programs.  At the conservative rate of $25.00 per lesson, that would add up to
$2,250.00!!  To teach you this same information, at your convenience, in the privacy of
your own home, with the ability to back up and repeat at will, the cost to you is just a
fraction of that.  There are three programs, each consisting of one book and 2 DVDs.  
When you order all three programs at the same time you will receive as a bonus one music
CD of your choice, or a Performance DVD.  You can check them out by clicking on the  
"CDs & Videos" button.  It works out that the cost to you of $2,250.00 worth of banjo
lessons comes to only $150.00!  (plus postage outside the US)

Sometimes banjo players ask me if they could spend a few days taking advanced lessons
from me.  I'm happy to do that.  Go to "Store" to find out how to contact me.  

Everything I have available for the banjo has a 30 day money-back guarantee!  If you are
not satisfied for any reason your money will be promptly refunded.  Once you are a
student, a very important added benefit is that if for any reason you need some additional
help, you can email me or give me a call.  You'll find that information at the "Store".

If you need a new banjo, or would like to upgrade, I highly recommend the Deering or
Ome banjos. Take a look at their websites by going to or to check out all their models and prices.   As a student of mine you
canorder either banjo through me at a sizable discount. Click on "Buy A New Banjo" to
learn about both companies and my liberal discount offer.  
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